Geepas Triple Burner Gas Cooker

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1. TOUGHENED GLASS TOP WITH ELEGANT FINISH - Gives rich and every professional look to enrich your kitchen and can be cleaned easily.

2. AUTO IGNITION SYSTEM - Such a Geepas Modern Hob, you would prefer not to utilize Matches and Burning your

Fingers and gratitude to Auto-Ignition you won't need to! Easy to use and safe.

3 ENERGY ADJUSTING KNOBS, EFFICIENT - Twin individually easy controlled burners through knobs have

inner & amp; outer flame rings for more-even heat distribution burner design lowers gas consumption are highly efficient,

strong powered, low heat emission can meet fry, boil, steam, stewed and more.

4. PORTABLE - Portable double stove is great for using outdoors, campsite, hunting lodge, cabin, work, and office as well.


3 BURNERS – Equipped with 3 burners efficient output, meets your different needs for various kinds of delicious dishes simultaneously.

ENAMEL PAN SUPPORT, CAST IRON BURNER WITH COPPER CAP – Pan supporter is built with highly durable and high heat resistant material capable to hold the heavy pan and cooking utensils without any discomfort while cooking and easy to clean. The burner is long-lasting with a copper cap it’s high built quality and is heat resistant.

EASY TO INSTALL – Built-in gas hob saves space for you. Elegant design to suit compact spaces such as smaller living spaces, student accommodation, and rental apartments, etc.

HIGH-QUALITY AUTO IGNITION, USER-FRIENDLY KNOBS – The 3 rotary knobs with auto-ignition make gas adjustment flexibly and precisely, and the dual cooking zone has each knob to control the gas intensity of zone is being operated.

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